Marijuana Addiction Prediction Models By Gender In Young Adults Using Random Forest

Substance-associated variables included in greatest-performing prediction fashions have been extracted in every male and feminine group. The examine successfully illustrated finding the best performing marijuana addiction prediction models by gender in young adults (18-34 years) utilizing Random Forest and the Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance (MRMR) characteristic selection. Table 5 shows threat variables related to substances. Both teams indicated use of the Demerol merchandise in any past years, but a male group indicated “Demerol merchandise use” while a feminine group indicated that as “Demerol products misuse.” It implies that behavior toward ache reliever addiction is completely different in a male and female group and influences marijuana addiction. Results present the prediction models included totally different danger variables for a male and female group. Machine studying purposes have been launched to healthcare to facilitate affected person care. Prediction models built by machine learning turned a useful tool for care providers as a result of prognosis, care plans, and patient dangers classifications primarily based on prediction models explain the reasons behind fashions to them (Ahmad et al., 2018; Wongvibulsin et al., 2019). Prediction models developed on this research enable care suppliers in substance and drug abuse specialties to supply the best and customized care by gender.

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